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Djurgardens defender Elliot Kack says D.C. United was interested in him

We might be catching the last gasp of a dying rumor

A report from Sweden claimed that D.C. United had at one point expressed interest in defender Elliot Kack, who plays for Djurgardens in the Swedish Allsvenskan. The report closes by saying that D.C. has moved on to other options, so this rumor may have already played itself out from start to finish.

But let’s see if we can figure anything out by playing the exercise out. The 29-year old primarily plays left back and has spent his career between Djurgardens and IK Sirius. He played 30 games for the club this year, registering 3 assists, following up a 1 goal/6 assist 2016 in which he also made 30 appearances.

Were he to ‘change his mind and accept D.C.’s offer’ he would presumably push Taylor Kemp for the starting left back job. D.C. has certainly looked at Scandanavia before, signing players such as Markus Halsti and Alhaji Kamara in the past, and reportedly showed an interest in Marcus Olsson over the summer.

With three open senior roster spots (that’s “on budget” in MLS-ese) and three open international spots returning at the end of the year, silly season is no doubt about to get sillier if things like this keep popping up.