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D.C. United signs IFK Norrkoping striker Alhaji Kamara

The move is now a done deal.

Black & Red United can independently confirm that D.C. United has signed IFK Norrkoping player Alhaji Kamara. Kamara, 22, has been in D.C. for several days undergoing tests and been involved in negotiations to come to D.C.  IFK's Chairman Peter Hunt has said that the deal will not include a transfer fee for the striker from Sierra Leone, who is under contract until 2017 but has been sidelined since February with health issues.

D.C. United desperately need help on the forward line, and a move for another forward was always a likely situation. Kamara will not be available to play immediately, but will require some time to build back up to fitness.

The move will require another transaction from D.C. United, who are both maxed out of roster spots and international roster spots. The two players who occupy international spots who have played almost no part for D.C. United so far this season and Andrea Mancini and Markus Halsti, with Halsti often rumored with a move back to Scandinavia if his time here did not work out. Halsti's salary is also over $300,000, which could free up United for another potential move if that is what happens. However, United could spring a surprise on us and trade for another international roster spot, freeing them up to make any sort of transaction they want.

We will have more on this story as it develops.