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Filibuster podcast episode 182: Physical murder player

In which we get grumpy about D.C. United's performance

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It is a grumpy night for the Filibuster crew, with a lot of good reasons why. Jason, Adam, and Ben have to talk about D.C. United's 2-0 loss to New York City FC, and we have to start with all of the misses of Alvaro Saborio. We then wonder why the heck Patrick Nyarko started if he could only make it 25 minutes, and wonder why Jared Jeffrey was the sub who came in and not Miguel Aguilar. We talk about Ben Olsen's substitute pattern in this game in general, before also focusing our criticism lasers on the very poor play of Bobby Boswell in this game. We end by talking about Chris Rolfe's concussion that has him out for an indefient amount of time and about D.C. United's potential new signing, Alhaji Kamara.

We then have to talk about the other New York team, New York Red Bulls, as D.C. United play them on Friday. We talk about how the Red Bulls are figuring themselves out at exactly the wrong time for United. We mention their set pieces and how they are scoring, before turning back to United and asking how they are going to play against the Red Bulls. We break down United's central midfield, before figuring out how to best game plan NYRB. Give it a listen!

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