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D.C. United vs. New York City FC player ratings

We examine the Black-and-Red's night through the wonders of subjective numbers.

D.C. United came into Sunday night with Chris Rolfe added to the injury report next to Fabian Espindola, though in theory, facing a New York City FC defense that has a few holes in it, the probability for some goals should have been certain. And there were, but the problem is that NYCFC scored all of them en route to a 2-0 win over DCU that left the Black-and-Red wondering what to do next with another New York City team the New York Red Bulls coming to town Friday.

So let's do the rating thing!

Travis Worra - 5

On both goals he was hung out to dry a little by bad play from the center backs, though he did seem a little shaky when it came to gathering crosses in the box at times. Had three saves to go with it. Moving on.

Taylor Kemp - 5

Kemp is listed at 5'11" and 163, and went up against Khiry Shelton who is listed at 6'3" and 191. Generally was OK (his 5 tackles led field players on the night, also had a shot and two key passes though his PS% (55.2) was the worst among starters who played more than a half. What happened to the Taylor Kemp that could whip a ball into the box decently? Well, he's cutting his teeth defensively I guess.

Bobby Boswell - 2.5

A tackle and a clearance, and 63% PS on the night. Oh, had a really sweet secondary assist to Shelton for the goal. Get along, little Bobby, get along.

Steve Birnbaum - 5

Had to mark David Villa for the duration, and slept a little on the first goal, which Villa scored. Had a shot, a near-74% PS and won two aerials, which led the team, believe it or not. Also had four interceptions, a tackle, a clearance and a blocked shot. Stay with us for 90, OK Steve?

Sean Franklin - 6

Matched up against Thomas McNamara and ran a crapton again last night, had three tackles (T-2nd), 3 clearances (1st), 2 interceptions (T-3rd) and six recoveries. Interchanged with Nyarko and later DeLeon nicely and clocked in 33 of 44 passes on the night, with 19 going to Sarvas and DeLeon. Best backliner of the bunch Sunday night.

Lamar Neagle - 5.5

Had a shot, two key passes and a 63% PS on the night. Defensively, four interceptions led the team, had four recoveries, and four tackles which was second on the night. I don't think we're seeing much more from him than what we're going to get, but he's definitely at a plateau.

Nick DeLeon - 6

Returned to the lineup and started in the middle with Sarvas, then moved outside following the early sub, with most of the time spent on the right. 88.2%, which led the team in accuracy on the night (again), 7 of 11 in the final third, three tackles and seven recoveries defensively. Had one shot, and maybe could have shot the one he gave to Sabo that was a missed shot, but can't say I hold it against him.

Marcelo Sarvas - 6

Came back into the lineup, had three tackles, three interceptions and seven recoveries. His 79.3% PS is a slight dip from him, but he had a key pass and two shots, and was further forward for longer periods than we're normally used to seeing, which was intriguing from him.

Patrick Nyarko - 4.5

Left early to illness, which would explain why he did himself no favors when it was on the field. A tackle and two interceptions and tracked back very deep at times, was 2 of 7 passing also. Going to need to be healthy come Friday.

Luciano Acosta - 5.5

18 of 27 passing, with a key pass, committed three fouls (and had three tackles) while taking five, and sold one awful hard to try and get a penalty kick. Matched up against Boca teammate Federico Bravo and took some hits while dishing some out. Needs a better fit to his skills further forward, which brings me to...

Alvaro Saborio - 4

From my ratings post last week:

A problem in Acosta being on is the desire to link him to Saborio, or more specifically the belief that Saborio is a viable full-time starter at 34.

Two shots, one of which was point blank and skied over the bar, another where he could have just chipped it. No aerials won, 4 offside calls on him, distribution was 80% and a bit of that was coming back and helping Acosta and the midfielders with counters. But I think we're done with this experiment, aren't we?

Jared Jeffrey (Sub) - 7.5

Came on for the ill Nyarko in the 27th, had three tackles, three interceptions and nine recoveries defensively. 30 of 35 passing (85.7%, 2nd best on the night for DC), two key passes, two shots. The Jeffrey-Sarvas midfield combo may be something we see for a bit, and Jeffrey again continues his understated good work in the position.

Julian Buescher (Sub) - 5

Came on for Acosta in the 82nd, 5 of 9 passing, including a key pass, and earned a stoppage-time yellow. Was OK.

Miguel Aguilar (Sub) - Inc.

Came on for Neagle in the 84th, 1 of 2 passing and a tackle. Eh.

Man of the Match

We'll say...Jeffrey?