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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: What are you still doing here?

Luciano Acosta, Perry Kitchen and statistics counting in Washington for you today.

Hi, I'm Leanne today. I never really left from yesterday. Or did it? Honestly, if I remembered this sooner I wouldn't have shot my links wad on Monday, so I guess the moral here is pace yourself or something, so here you go:

Get To Know: Luciano Acosta | D.C. United: A nice short on Lucho in case you haven't seen it. The quality from the film folks has definitely improved in recent months.

Feisty games and controversy, from Orlando to Vancouver | Instant Replay | Speaking of Lucho, he was the center of a couple of calls Brian Dunseth touches on this week, beginning around the 3:20 mark.

D.C. United Announce "The Customer Is Always Wrong" Policy In Light Of Criticisms — The Nutmeg News: Satire!

Abby Wambach reportedly flipped her car, fled scene in 2014: Oh. Oh Abby.

Perry Kitchen hopes to fit into USA Copa America squad: With his first three months in Heart of Midlothian F.C. about to come to a close, Perry Kitchen starts to check his messages in the next few days.

Soccer Statistics Position - Washington, DC, United States - This is an interesting job which pays you to go to D.C. United and Washington Spirit games, to name a couple of groups. Check it out.

Stats Zone: Rocky Mountain revenge pushes Colorado top of MLS | FourFourTwo: It's May 10 and the Colorado Rapids are second in goals allowed and first in points in MLS. Let that sink in.

[WATCH] AN EAR FOR OBSESSION: SOUND IN THE FILMS OF STANLEY KUBRICK | One. Perfect. Shot. | Honoring Cinema's Past - Frame by Frame: Speaking of weird, Stanley Kubrick! I kid, this is a nice technical look at his work.

More later today, with the team returning to practice and all.