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Wayne Rooney attends Tiger Woods’ Masters win hours after Rapids away win

He took a couple golfing buds/teammates to boot.

So if you’re D.C. United captain (and golfing enthusiast) Wayne Rooney, and you see that Tiger Woods is making a run at the Masters (a story a lot of people were watching on Sunday), and your team has Monday and Tuesday off following a 3-2 win Saturday night, what do you do?

Well, you just go, and take your golfing buddies Steve Birnbaum and Chris Seitz with you:

D.C.’s game at the Colorado Rapids’ stadium ended Saturday around 9 Mountain time and Woods hit his first shot Sunday around 9:20am Eastern time, so there’s about a 10 hour window to get it done. The closest metropolitan airport is Columbia, South Carolina, about an hour away from Augusta, Georgia, and Augusta regional airport doesn’t have anything arriving earlier than 11am (using this coming weekend’s fares as a guide). The trio likely did not travel home with the team commercially, as a Paul Arriola pic from around 1pm Eastern would have put Tiger around the 13th hole Sunday.

So clearly the only solution is that Seitz called some people and got some favors and managed to get oh who are we kidding, Rooney probably got plans for a private jet going before the team got to the game last night. When you’re worth more than $100 million you can make that move.

Hell, I’d make that Gulfstream flex in a minute if I could.