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Introducing the 2013 B&RU All-Reader XI

In which we look at commenting/fan posting/fan shotting stats to find out who most frequently takes the digital field here at B&RU.

Ned Dishman

After each calendar year, SB Nation gives us editors a look at some interesting lists about our sites. Sure, we have access to traaffic data and all that, but this annual early-January release is special. It tells us which readers are commenting the most on our sites and who is writing the most Fan Posts and Fan Shots. Today was list day.

And, in the interest of recognizing who among our readership has added the most to the conversation over the last 12 months, I'd like to introduce the 2013 Black and Red United All-Reader XI, a list I compiled by looking at those of you who commented and Fan Posted and Fan Shot (Fan Shotted?) the most last year. I'll leave it to y'all to claim positions - and pad your 2014 comment numbers in the process.

  • Brendanukkah - The only reader to surpass 1,000 comments last year.
  • UnitedDemon1 - Came pretty damn close to that 1,000 comment mark, falling just six short for the year.
  • fischy - Whatever is decided on positions, I think fischy gets the player-manager title, adding 6 deep dive salary cap-focused Fan Posts to his 950+ comments. Actually, maybe player-accountant is more appropriate.
  • beardyblue - The only person to rank in the top 10 on all three lists - actually cracking the top 5 on all three. All while studying for (and somehow passing) the Virginia bar exam.
  • oldetymer - Smooth at a numerologically satisfying 777 comments.
  • itwasi - Top 5 in Fan Posts and top 10 in Comments.
  • taylor.silver - Led the way in Fan Posts by a healthy margin, the only one to hit double digits.
  • touchline - Four Fan Posts earned him his spot.
  • Recoil - Tied for fourth in Fan Posts, with 3.
  • Eric David Ruenes - Also tied for fourth in Fan Posts, including this most recent one on the challenges facing Ben Olsen in 2014. Check it out if you haven't yet.
  • Bald Pollack - You can call him Mr. Fan Shot if you really want to. He's got triple any other reader's number there.

The bench consists of asmithisaverage, brian.h and Bavarian Football Works editor Phillip Quinn for their Fan Posting efforts and of Karlito Vargas, Jake Shapiro and mike.seedleton for contributing with Fan Shots. The last spot on the bench I'll declare to be an Editor's Choice selection, which I'll use to name Stunned Duck to the squad in recognition of his comprehensive team field guide/player position chart, which he's contributed each of the last couple years.

Thanks to all of our readers and commenters - whether you're mentioned in this post or not - for helping to make B&RU such a great place for us writers to share our thoughts on D.C. United. Before I ever started writing here, it was the readers as much as anything Martin or Chest wrote that kept me coming back, and I think that's still the case for many of you. You guys and gals make this site tick. Seriously, thank you all.

Happy New Year.