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Presenting the 2013 D.C. United Field Guide

Looking for a handy one-page reference to take with you to D.C. United's home opener tomorrow? Thanks to a regular reader here at B&RU, we've got you covered.

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Our community here at Black & Red United is awesome, and it's not just because of the passion for soccer and D.C. United or the debates and threads we get into. It's things like this that put you guys over the top. Stunned Duck, one of our longtime regulars, has come through for us again with a one-page Field Guide as D.C. United go into their 18th season. It's got most of the details you'll want, with photos, positions, depth charts and whether a player takes up an international roster slot or is a designated player. He's done this for us the last few years, and it's super handy.

So big ups to the Duck for another great job. The PDF is embedded below - bookmark this page or save it to your computer, or just print it out for your own reference at the stadium.

D.C. United 2013 Field Guide by