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D.C. United Season Review: Chris Korb

Our next review is on the dependable fullback whose season was cruelly cut short by injury.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I did the Chris Korb B&RU season review last year. And this year is much harder to do.

The reason being is that The Korb, as he's endearingly called 'round these parts, spent the last few months injured on the bench, or sometimes in a rally car.

The Korb is 28 years old. Last year, I described him as our back line hatchback: Steady, reliable, and scrappy. With such descriptors, he's the veritable heart and soul of Benny Ball. Once he fell by the wayside, along with a similarly scrappy Davy Arnaud, D.C. United's season hit the skids. Our fall from grace started in August, just after the goalapalooza versus Real Salt Lake. That's when The Korb's ACL tore at NYCFC. The Korb was done for the rest of the season. It turned out, so was United.

What did he have to show for 2015?

After 18 games played (17 starts), he hobbled off the pitch with United in first place. The Korb managed to make himself the muck of every striker who deigned to venture up his side of the field. He's ambidextrous that way. He can play left or right. While his stats reveal a slight drop off from 2014, his cohorts on the back line afforded him the opportunity to slide up the field and take more shots than last year and provide some critical, game-winning crosses.

The thing about Chris Korb is that he makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, confident, assured, when you see him on the field. This workhorse has been a part of DCU's roster for five consecutive years. Shall we make it six?