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Chris Korb's Knee is Good Enough to Fit in a Rally Car

Social media is fun, isn't it?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Some D.C. United players interacted with the community over the weekend, whether it was at the DC School Beautification Event as Miguel Aguilar and Sean Franklin attended:

For others, it was meeting the drivers of, and visiting the Red Bull Global Rallycross Event, which is in town at RFK (and through the city) this weekend, judging from this meeting between Perry Kitchen and famed rally driver Ken Block:

It was this tweet of Chris Korb that caught our eye:

The last time we saw Korb, he was receiving treatment for his knee and had to come off in Thursday's loss to New York City FC and, as Steve Goff mentioned Friday, was going to get a scan for it that day. So his knee could very well be ready to go, assuming he had the scan, and any swelling he might have had was good enough to fit in a fire suit. It is just as likely that he is awaiting the scan Monday, but the trainers are optimistic that things are fine now.

For a team that is not necessarily good on communicating injury updates to begin with, this is another of those examples where the optics are not the best for the club.