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Lawyers for D.C. United’s Jason Levien issue statement regarding tax evasion accusations

ArentFox Schiff law group states returns were filed for tax overpayments on behalf of Jason Levien.

DC United Introduce New Ownership Partners Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

D.C. United CEO and Co-Chairman Jason Levien’s lawyers issued a statement today regarding the allegations of tax evasion by a whistleblower, former D.C. United general counsel Christopher Deubert. Business Insider’s Jack Newsham was the first to share news of the allegations.

The statement shared with Black and Red United from ArentFox Schiff reads,

“ArentFox Schiff (“AFS”) is issuing the following statement on behalf of its client, Jason Levien, in light of recent news articles referencing a former employee’s allegations into Mr. Levien’s personal tax filings.

AFS retained PWC to conduct an independent review of Mr. Levien’s personal tax returns promptly upon this issue being brought to his attention. After a thorough review, these professionals have concluded that Mr. Levien does not owe taxes in New York, or in any jurisdiction, returns have been filed on Mr. Levien’s behalf for tax overpayments, and Mr. Levien has properly filed tax returns in New York during years at issue.

Whether the former employee’s accusations were an honest mistake or something more malicious is something we will refrain from commenting on until we have further information. Regardless, it is unfortunate.”

Mr. Levien spoke with Black and Red United yesterday to share his account and provide a statement.