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Whistleblower complaint accuses D.C. United’s Jason Levien of tax evasion; he wants to set the record straight

D.C. United former general counsel filed a whistleblower complaint in New York and D.C., accusing the CEO and Co-Chairman of lying to avoid millions in taxes.

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DC United Introduce Wayne Rooney Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It’s never a dull day in the District.

Business Insider published an article this afternoon sharing a whistleblower complaint accusing Jason Levien, D.C. United CEO and Co-Chairman, of tax evasion.

Christopher Deubert, former D.C. United general counsel filed a whistleblower complaint in New York and D.C. that accused Levien of avoiding millions in taxes by lying about his state of residence. Mr. Deubert declined to comment when Black and Red United reached out late this afternoon. Mr. Deubert was involved in the issue surrounding stadium security back in 2020, during which staff members were asked to fill in for professional security.

Mr. Levien made himself available today by phone to discuss the accusations with Black and Red United.

A statement provided to Black and Red United during the conversation with Mr. Levien read,

“An article today in Business Insider referenced a former employee’s allegation into my personal tax filling.

The allegations contained in the story and in the lawsuit are categorically and demonstrably false.

Upon learning of the former employee’s allegations that I did not pay my proper share of personal income tax, I engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers immediately to review this. After an extensive review, PricewaterhouseCoopers concluded that I do not owe anything in taxes in any jurisdiction, and in fact, I overpaid. This is a meritless lawsuit, the state of New York looked into this and decided not to pursue it.

While this involves my personal taxes and is not directly a D.C. United issue, I am aware that issues that involve me could reflect on our club. I am sharing this with you because I deeply care about this club and value being transparent and communicative when something has an impact on the reputation of our club and all that it represents.”

The New York state attorney general has declined to pursue the complaint against Mr. Levien.