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D.C. United’s final game at RFK Stadium, in photos

Take in the beauty of our home and the emotion of our last day there

Caitlin Buckley

Sunday was the first time I’ve ever left a D.C. United loss to the New York Red Bulls with my mind on something other than the game that I just witnessed. The occasion wasn’t even about the game. In some ways, it was a mercy that the only story on the night was the end of United’s era at RFK Stadium. Longtime readers know how much I prize focus, and on Sunday we got to lock in on RFK and nothing else.

Before all that went down, though, I got to spend a while wandering RFK with Caitlin. Ostensibly, the idea was to plan out specific photos for her to take during the game, but I can’t pretend that part of the reason I wanted to do it was to get to truly take RFK in one more time. To focus on the lines, the shadows. To go up to the upper bowl and just stare.

Let people say RFK was old and falling apart. It’s true. I took a quick photo of a cracked column that I happened to pass when it was finally time to walk out for the last time. But don’t let people tell you it’s an eyesore. Look at these photos: the place is nothing if not photogenic.

Photos by Caitlin Buckley. Words by Jason Anderson.