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Fantasy Focus: Keane's Ransom

This unidentified fan is the man.

Stephen Dunn

The rich got richer this round, as overall leader In It Toux Wynne It led the round in points, scoring 102. Robbie Keane (LA, $11.0) was captained and scored 52 points over two games with 3 goals and 2 assists. Far behind him were three players with 7 points each -- Toronto teammates Jermain Defoe ($11.4) and Doneil Henry ($6.5), and Lloyd Sam (NY, $7.2) -- Defoe scored 1 goal.

Positional Leaders


Four goalkeepers tied for the positional lead with 8 points -- Raul Fernandez (DAL, $5.2), Jaime Penedo (LA, $5.5), Luis Robles (NY, $6.1), and Zac MacMath (PHI, $5.2). Only Fernandez had a clean sheet. Bill Hamid ($5.0) scored 3 points for DCU.


Dallas' Zach Loyd ($5.4) and KC's Lawrence Olum ($6.0) tied for the lead among defenders with 9 points, Loyd with a clean sheet and Olum with a goal. Three players tied for third -- Sheanon Williams (PHI, $7.7), Justin Morrow (TOR, $6.7), and Carlyle Mitchell (VAN, $6.7) with 8 points. Williams and Morrow each notched an assist. For United, Chris Korb ($5.8) led with 7 points, while Steve Birnbaum ($4.5) earned 3, and Bobby Boswell ($8.6) and Sean Franklin ($7.2) each scored 2.


Benny Feilhaber (SKC, $8.2) led all midfielders with 22 points, with two goals and an assist over two games. Behind him was Gyasi Zardes (LA, $6.6) with 15 points and two goals, followed by Sebastien Le Toux (PHI, $8.0) with two goals and 14 points. Chris Rolfe ($6.9) led United midfielders with 9 points, while Luis Silva ($7.1) scored 7, Perry Kitchen ($6.3) scored 6, Davy Arnaud ($6.4) and Nick DeLeon ($6.8) scored 2, and Jared Jeffrey ($6.8) and Lewis Neal ($5.3) scored 1.


Robbie Keane's 26 points led all forwards and all players. Darren Mattocks (VAN, $7.4) scored two goals in two games for 16 points, and both Bradley Wright-Phillips (NY, $8.7) and Connor Casey (PHI, $7.1) scored 14 points, Wright-Phillips with two goals, and Casey with a goal and an assist. Eddie Johnson ($9.4) set the pace with 10 points, while Conor Doyle ($6.2) scored 1.

Looking Ahead

Four teams are on bye this week: DCU, HOU, NY, PHI. All other teams play once, except for Montreal who play twice. Montreal matchups are not particularly favorable (@RSL, v.POR), but if you feel compelled to play Impact guys, Justin Mapp ($7.9) is probably your best bet. Otherwise, get Nick Rimando (RSL, $6.0) in goal against Montreal. In defense, Lawrence Olum is a great value buy, as SKC visits Toronto, who will be without Jermain Defoe on yellow card accumulation. Olum's KC teammate Benny Feilhaber is a good pick in the midfield, while Harry Shipp (CHI, $7.0) looks good @SJ.

Everyone's Adding: G - Sean Johnson (CHI, $4.9, +215), D - Lawrence Olum (SKC, $6.0, +293), M - Clint Dempsey (SEA, $10.4, +480), F - Joao Plata (RSL, $7.3, +259)

Everyone's Dropping: G - Eric Kronberg (SKC, $4.7, -203), D - Mark Bloom (TOR, $6.2, -788), M - Cristian Maidana (PHI, $7.7, -1220), F - Bradley Wright-Phillips (NY, $8.7, -494)