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Friday Freedom Kicks: MLS Reserves Lose to EPL Superstars, and news items of greater import

Beasley in an orange jersey? I'm okay with that.

Kevin C. Cox

Let's get down to business.  It's Friday.

Unmarked Episode 5:  Jordan Johansen's Wish Comes True - Youtube:  Latest episode of Unmarked features DC United superstar Jordan Johansen.

How did DaMarcus Beasley end up in Houston? | FOX Sports: Houston getting Beasley makes me happy because that means Beasley will be performing live at RFK soon.  Love that Beasley.  BEASLEY.

Tim Howard impressed with MLS, but rules out return before retirement -  Tim Howard gets nostalgic for his MLS days, but not that nostalgic, apparently.

MLS lost 18-5 to the Premier League and it means absolutely nothing | For The Win: Galaxy's reserves lost to Man-U 7-0.  Go figure.  I agree with the author that these little exhibition games, mid-season for us, are detrimental to the league.  Imagine if DCU could fly over to Anfield and play Liverpool in December as a preseason warmup.  Do you think they play Sturridge, Sterling, Gerard against us?  No.  They play their second and third stringers, and we win.  And what's it mean?  Nada.  NA-DA.

Las Vegans welcomed to hear details on MLS stadium - FOX5 Vegas:  I post this only because "Las Vegans."  Tee hee.

Why European Soccer Teams See Gold in America - TIME:  Wow.  The Man-U vs. Real Madrid game at Michigan Stadium on August 2 will break all records for most fans at a single soccer game in the United States.

Dems push for worker safety ahead of 2022 World Cup | TheHill:  The labor abuses in Qatar have gotten the attention of House Democrats.

A Tiny Club's Uneasy Rise - NY Times: Forget Barcelona.  Forget Real Madrid.  Forget Atletico.  You've got a new favorite La Liga team:  Eibar.  The 21st Century Castel di Sangro.  (Beautiful slideshow, too, with this article.)

And just for the good memories, here's some video from Laughing Man Tavern in DC when the US scored (twice) against Portugal.  The video mercifully stops before the end of the game.  And here's Atlanta reacting to the first Jones goal only.  Milwaukee, too.  Philly reacts to the Dempsey goal in the same game.  And from inside the stadium in Manaus.

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