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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, Buzzard Point Stadium, and MLS links for Wednesday July 23rd, 2014

Today in Freedom Kicks, we have a couple stadium updates, some D.C. United discussion from non-DC outlets, some MLS rumors, and the website that will end your life as you know it.

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Pele is king of the soccer field.
Pele is king of the soccer field.
Matthias Hangst


Soccer Stadium Hearings Scheduled This Week In Affected Wards | DCist
It's Wednesday, and for whatever reason Wednesday is Buzzard Point stadium proposal news day. Here, Sarah Anne Hughes details today's hearing - 6pm at the Reeves Center - as well as Thursday's hearing, which will start at 7pm at the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs building.

Texas firm will study soccer deal for D.C. Council |
The city council has picked a group named CSL International to evaluate the land swap involved in the Buzzard Point stadium proposal. They have until September 12th to turn in their findings. Also, oddly enough, they've also studied this deal once before. This is very much a "see how the sausage is made" piece, but if we want this thing to happen we need to be informed.

DC United's Ben Olsen finding success with "All-American" lineup: Is it an aberration or trend? |
D.C. United has of late resurrected Team America and is winning games, so Benjamin Baer decided to take a look at the fact that United has been playing US-heavy lineups for years now. There are no real conclusions drawn here, but it is interesting to see the percentages.

Indy's Perry Kitchen is a top MLS player |
Perry Kitchen is getting attention back in his hometown. It's a little odd that this piece is so focused on what Caleb Porter - who coached Kitchen for two-and-a-half years less than Ben Olsen has - thinks, but that's a pretty minor complaint. It's good to see people starting to pay attention to one of American soccer's best young players.

MLS Week 19 Takeaways: The Supporters' Shield has tightened up, but just a little |
Jeremiah Oshan takes a look at the Shield race - mostly focusing on Seattle and KC, but United is also mentioned - and also shows us just how many penalty kicks have been called this season.

Predicting Rookie of the Year, MVP, and More | 2014 Wiebe Awards |
Andrew Wiebe is goofing off for most of this, but he knows his stuff and his picks are mostly reasonable (save for his thoughts regarding Luis Robles). United figures into nearly every category, but the one I'll spoil to discuss is that Wiebe is one of the few pundits I've seen truly give Fabian Espindola his due. We should all be preparing for Espindola to be snubbed when the MVP award is actually given out, but my guess is that he's far more concerned with winning team trophies.

RUMOR: DaMarcus Beasley headed to Houston Dynamo | Dynamo Theory
If you were hoping Beasley was headed here to be the constantly overlapping fullback that Ben Olsen has always enjoyed having in his team, you can probably stop now. On the other hand, there's at least a chance that Beasley ends up at left back for Houston, which means they'll probably be shopping Corey Ashe around. Given United's success in 2014 with players who were struggling before they moved here, it might be something to keep an eye on.

Hendry Thomas undergoes successful surgery to repair torn ACL | Big D Soccer
Staying in Texas, FC Dallas has lost yet another player to injury. Thomas isn't an MLS star, but he's a World Cup and Premier League veteran that the Hoops can't truly replace. They have a gang of defensive midfielders, but none of them are pure ball-winning types with the experience Thomas can bring to the table. On the other hand, Oscar Pareja has been winning games with Homegrown player Victor Ulloa - that's "oo-YO-ah," MLS announcers - in that role, so perhaps they won't feel any major long-term impact.

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola says focus of US soccer should be on coaching and academies |
Hard to argue with Pep here. Long-term, this is how the United States becomes a player factory.

FXX to launch website with every episode of The Simpsons ever
On August 21st, the most cromulent website of all time will open for business.

Alright, I've given you your opening comment. Go nuts.