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Monday FK: DC United, MLS, and Soccer Links for 21 July 2014

A special helping of expansion-related news items.


So, last night, outside of RFK, near the Lot 8 tunnel, were all the DCU team warmup benches, with the plexiglass shells, in disarray, inside a chainlink fence pen.  Are they for sale?  I could use one in my front yard.

Let's get started.  Your Monday morning looks very incomplete so far.

Johnson leads United past Chivas USA 3-1 - The Washington Post:  WaPo gives EJ the props for the victory.

Best Day Ever: DC United, Make-a-Wish team up to make dreams come true for 12-year-old boy |  If you were at the game, you got to see Jordan make the ceremonial kickoff and lead the supporters' section in some chants.  Here's how the rest of his day went.  Awesome.

Steven Lenhart finds the equalizer late |  Cue Nelson at Red Bulls arena.  This makes Luis Robles openly contemplate kissing the playoffs goodbye.

Two of the United States’ best players sign contract extensions to stay in MLS | For The Win:  Besler and Zusi like it just fine here stateside, thank you very much.

Potential MLS Teams For Jermaine Jones - MLS Multiplex:  Jermaine Jones to Chivas USA?  Way better than NYRB.

After World Cup, MLS asks USA fans to dream global, watch local | Al Jazeera America:  MLS has moved up in the world, even in Klinnsman's mind.

US Soccer developing quite a plan - Sports - The Boston Globe:  That plan is apparently all about the academy system.  There have been close to 100 players who went through the US academy system and ended up signing professional contracts.  It's an interesting and below-the-radar battle that US Soccer is having with higher education, isn't it?

The last straw: World Cup final proves it is time for FIFA to change substitution laws -  Hopefully, the shocking head injuries (and their even more shocking handling) in Brazil on the global stage will create some momentum and external pressure for changing FIFA's rules.  Because FIFA won't change for good on its own.  Someone must be sacrificed.

Las Vegas on short list to land pro soccer expansion team, Justin Findlay says - Las Vegas Sun News:  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Las Vegas is to MLS as Qatar is to World Cup.  It's too damn hot.  Las Vegas does beat Qatar on the issue of slavery, and human rights in general.  Oh and corruption.  But the heat thing?  Basically they're the same.

Orlando City Soccer Club president Phil Rawlins discusses the Lions' plans - Orlando Sentinel:  What horrible timing to have a breakdown in relations with your supporter groups (over smoke bombs and allegedly hitting a cop with a flagpole).

Soccer: Minnesota United FC making strides on multiple fronts -  Minnesota United FC is a serious soccer operation, whether their expansion dream gets fulfilled or not.  They've gone from 5 front office employees to 35 - the largest in the NASL, they say.

Bubble soccer takes the field - The Frederick News-Post:  Way safer than concussive, non-bubble soccer!  (And more exciting than footgolf, which makes its Utah debut this month.)  Frederick Indoor Sports Center has acquired the bubbles and is making a  go of it.  The adult bubbles, although obviously mostly air, still weigh 20 pounds.  So you'll exert yourself not just from laughing hysterically.

Humans Recreating FIFA Soccer Will Have You Questioning Reality | The Big Lead:  EA employee recreates FIFA video game on field with real people.

Argentina President Not a Fan of Soccer or World Cup -  This press conference reached epic levels of awkwardness.  "Before she handed Messi the microphone, President Fernandez looked at the Golden Boot winner and said, 'As you know I'm no soccer fan.'"

Bayern Munich boss angry that Bundesliga clubs won’t postpone season | ProSoccerTalk:  It truly is amazing how soccer involves the most running of any sport and, with all the tournaments piled on top of each other, has the least break for its players of any sport.  FIFA and the associations run our players into the ground until they are spent and broken.

20 Ways to Keep Being a Soccer Fan Now the World Cup is Over :: Paste:  All good advice.  I bet our readers already do a majority of the items on this list, and then some that aren't on the list.  Some that you do in secret.  When no one is looking.

Why Americans still haven’t embraced soccer—and how they might | Gwinnett Daily Post:  Something to make you guffaw on a Monday morning.

I look forward to your comments.  Also, too, please post any interesting stories I missed.