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Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at B&RU

In which we finally admit to being more likely to wax poetic about our favorite club than our life partners.

It's a day of love. And also snow. But it's supposed to be about that love thing. February 14, St. Valentine's Day. The day of the year where Western society puts away our cynicism and recognizes the anniversary of the death of a third-century priest who martyred himself performing Christian marriages in the Roman Empire when that sort of thing was frowned upon. We do this in the most traditional ways, with cheap drug store chocolate, dyed-red roses and overpriced prix fixe dinners.

Soccer fans are a different lot, though. Sure we can fall into the crevasse of romantic love (Hi, honey!), but a part of our hearts will always belong to another. If you're reading this site, odds are that part of your heart is permanently black (and red), devoted to D.C. United. So watch the video and ask yourself whether you'd be more apt to sing Savage Garden - or something else as sappy like it - in the stands at RFK or to your squeeze. Then keep the answer to yourself - don't want to get in trouble before dinner tonight, especially if your reservation got snowed out.