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Jiangsu Sainty F.C.'s official microblog says that the Chinese team has signed D.C. United striker Hamdi Salihi

While previous rumors had him going to FC Tianjin Teda, the official Weibo of Jiangsu Sainty F.C. says that they have signed Hamdi Salihi.


According to the official Weibo, the Chinese approved version of twitter, of Jiangsu Sainty F.C., the team has signed D.C. United striker Hamdi Salihi; the striker will meet up with his new team in Turkey today. This is not the team with which he was rumored to be signing a few days ago, but it is a team in the same league. There is no indication of whether or not there was a transfer fee involved, but I would assume that any transfer fee would be nominal. The move gets Salihi off of D.C. United's cap before the March 1st deadline; had Salihi remained past that date, his contract would have remained on United's cap for the entire season.

There have been plenty of words spilled over Hamdi Salihi's tenure with the club, both in posts and in comment threads, so I feel no need to rehash them here. Suffice it to say that I am happy that Salihi and the club were able to work out a solution that got Salihi off of United's books and got Salihi a club to where he will likely be paid more and get more playing time. Bon voyage, Hamdi; may no cows stalk your path.

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