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Is D.C. United's Hamdi Salihi going to Chinese team FC Tianjin Teda?

Long out of favor with D.C. United, is Hamdi Salihi on the verge of a transfer to China's FC Tianjin Teda?


As everyone who has watched D.C. United this offseason knows, Hamdi Salihi is not in Ben Olsen's plans for next year. The team has been actively attempting to offload him, preferably through a transfer that would allow United to clear his designated player contract off of their books without having to eat any of it. However, Salihi's situation has been static for months, with the player left out of preseason training and with no rumors popping up about any possible destinations. This morning, Craig Stouffer tweeted that Salihi's situation might be resolved as soon as tomorrow and now there are rumors about what that resolution might be.

There are now multiple outlets in Albania, Salihi's home country, who are linking the striker to a move to the Chinese team FC Tianjin Teda. The team was coached last year by former Albanian National Team coach Josip Kuže and, although he was released during the middle of last season, it is possible that he introduced the two sides so that they could see if an agreement could be made.

Whether or not this particular rumor is true, any move that clears Salihi off of D.C. United's cap at this point is a good one for the team. General Manager Dave Kasper has said that there will be multiple signings coming in the wake of Andy Najar's transfer, so the team will hopefully feel a little less barren than it does right now. Let's not panic, though; last year everyone was worried about the lack of signings through January, and the team turned out pretty well.