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Requiem for a Bodkin: Branko Boskovic signs with Rapid Vienna

Our last update about the former D.C. United midfielder finds him signing a year and a half long contract with his former club, Rapid Vienna.

Patrick McDermott

The Austrian press is announcing that former D.C. United midfielder Branko Boskovic has signed a contract with Rapid Vienna, the team from which Boskovic joined United. Even though his chapter with United had ended two months ago, we watched with muted interest to see where Bodkin landed in Europe. His contract runs through the end of the 2013-2014 season and will allow Boskovic to play with U.S. international Terrance Boyd.

Boskovic is a player that both delighted and frustrated United supporters, although by the end most of us were sad to see him go. He had finally adjusted to MLS and was starting to make good on the contract upon which he started his time in the District. But for one last time, let us share our favorite memories, good or bad, of our mysterious Montenegrin. Mine has to be his corner kick which lead to Marcelo Saragosa's goal in the US Open Cup in Richmond; it, of course, lead to the Legend of Bodkin.