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Andy Najar to travel with Anderlecht to Turkey for their winter camp

Despite D.C. United saying that Najar will only be at R.S.C. Anderlecht until the end of December, it now seems likely that he will travel to Turkey with the club for their January training camp.

Ned Dishman

When we last left the official statements of D.C. United as to the length of Andy Najar's training in Belgium, club general manager Dave Kasper said that Najar would be there until the end of December. Kasper also admitted that there had been some attempts made to secure a loan for Najar to R.S.C. Anderlecht, the club with which he is training, but that those attempts fell through. No details were given about what kind of loan that would have been, be it a Landon Donovan to Everton style loan or a more typical half season with an option to buy loan.

But now sources in both Belgium and Honduras are reporting that Najar will likely go with Anderlecht to their winter break training camp in Turkey, which would occur during the first couple of weeks in January. El Heraldo quotes Anderlecht coach John van den Brom as saying that Najar has adapted well to the club and that he wants a little more time with him.

Either things are changing quickly or Dave Kasper is purposefully downplaying the nature of the relationship between D.C. United, Andy Najar, and R.S.C. Anderlecht. I still believe that it is more likely than not that Najar will be loaned or sold to Anderlecht this winter, absent a Shermanesque statement from the club or Najar. But whether it happens this offseason, over the summer, or at the end of the coming season, Najar's time in D.C. is (too) swiftly coming to a close.