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Andy Najar Training At Anderlecht - It's Official

The young Honduran right back will be spending Christmas in Belgium.

Ned Dishman

You heard about it here first, and today it was confirmed in a news release by D.C. United. 19-year old star Andy Najar will be training with Belgium's famed Anderlecht this offseason.

The announcement today though implies that Najar will only be training with the team through the end of this month, which would seem to conflict with the earlier reports that Najar would also be missing Honduras' appearance in the Copa Centroamericana in January. This may leave open the possibility of Najar extending his stay with Anderlecht into the new year.

But some additional information also came out today related to Najar's time with Anderlecht.

It sounds to me like United would have been open to loaning Najar if the terms were right, meaning that there is still the possibility that he could play some real matches overseas in the near future.