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D.C. United Selects Perry Kitchen In First Round of 2011 MLS Draft

Perry Kitchen looks damn good in a United scarf
Perry Kitchen looks damn good in a United scarf

Since Ben Olsen took over the reigns of DC United in November, the legendary midfielder has done his best to put his stamp on the team. He's already turned over roughly half the roster, and just about every player over the age of 26.

Olsen has sent a clear message that last year's finish at the bottom of the league and with the worst goal scoring performance in MLS history is not good enough. Today, the team chose to ignore the forward position, which is currently occupied by only two players, and instead took the best player on the board. United continued to improve its midfield by selecting Akron's Perry Kitchen.

With Kitchen on board, United has unquestionably one of the most talented midfields in all of MLS. Kitchen could either compete for playing time with newcomer Dax McCarty, and holdovers Clyde Simms, Stephen King, and Kurt Morsink for a central defensive midfield role. Or Kitchen could possibly be moved to fullback or central defense. It all depends on how quickly the 18-year old develops.

Taking the podium to heavy applause from the United fanbase and chants of his name, Kitchen thanked God, his girlfriend, and Thomas Rongen. In that order. You're going to love it in D.C. dude. And we're glad to have you.

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