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Did D.C. United change their mind and accept Anderlecht's offer for Andy Najar last night?

A Belgian newspaper is reporting that D.C. United rejected Anderlecht's final offer yesterday, but then changed their minds overnight and accepted it.

Ned Dishman

When I went to bed last night, after that dreadful game between the United States and Canada, the only word on Andy Najar was that D.C. United had rejected another offer from Anderlecht and that Najar would be coming back to the United States on Thursday. However, if a story from the Belgian site is to be believed, D.C. United apparently changed their minds overnight and have accepted Anderlecht's offer in principle for Najar. So far, this paper has been fairly good at not overblowing situations, unlike the Honduran press, but it makes clear that nothing is final yet.

Major League Soccer would still have to approve any deal for Najar, even if the team accepts it, and they have been known to reject bids that they believe are too low. While in the past that would sometimes lead to the player simply staying in MLS their entire career, such as Taylor Twellman, nowadays it has often meant a larger fee for league and team, such as in the case of Geoff Cameron.

No matter how it ends up, there will be only two more days of the Andy Najar saga for this transfer window; however, it looks like Anderlecht and D.C. United insist on taking us right up to the close of that window.