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Watch: D.C. United supporters' groups profiled on local news

A cool video highlights the 3 supporters groups of the Black-and-Red

You’ve seen them in the stands at every D.C. United match, you’ve sang with them, and some of you are likely members. Now, you can learn a little bit about them. The three supporters groups for D.C. United—the Screaming Eagles, La Barra Brava, and District Ultras—were recently featured on a NBC4 report:

In the report, the three groups discuss the style of support they bring to matches and it’s clear that every group their own swagger that they bring to each match. They also speak fondly about RFK Stadium, in its final season as the home of the Black-and-Red. Where the three groups seem to unite centers around their concern about what is to come next season when the team moves to Audi Field.

The tailgate scene for the supporters groups in Lot 8, which has a reputation of being the best tailgate atmosphere in soccer for league and United States matches, will undoubtedly change when United moves to Buzzard Point. The concern for the supporters groups stems around what space the team will give the groups to replicate the tailgate scene and talks are ongoing with the front office over how best to achieve that.

Check out the video to learn a bit more about the Screaming Eagles, District Ultras and La Barra Brava, and if you aren’t a member, make plans to check out their tailgates at the next D.C. United match. Lot 8 is a scene every fan must take in during the final few months of RFK Stadium.