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Wayne Rooney to D.C. United, and the Real Salt Lake loss: Filibuster

Get ready, it’s a long one

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Strap on your seatbelts and get ready for an extra-long episode of Filibuster. Jason, Ben, and Adam have a lot to say about the very frustrating game against Real Salt Lake, and we start (8:42) with what frustrated us the most. We talk about how both the beginning and end of the game were good, but there was a disaster in that middle hour. We get into whether or not it is a coaching problem, what can be done about the fullbacks, and whether or not we think this was as bad as the Philadelphia Union game. We break down who should be playing in the midfield, the Paul Arriola central midfield experiment, and end on D.C. United’s play on set pieces.

We dedicate the second segment (53:51) to the dominant rumor of the past week: D.C. United’s pursuit of Wayne Rooney. We talk about the team signing a big name, the madness some of this has devolved into, whether or not this is an attempt to gain mind-share and what that mean’s about United’s place in the community, and how the team can balance signings like this with building a complete club from the academy up. Oh, and we talk about whether or not it will work on the field too. Give it a listen!

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