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MLS SuperDraft breakdown, plus D.C. United news mania: Filibuster

We welcome on Travis Clark to break down the SuperDraft

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For the first week in January, there sure was a lot of D.C. United news and Filibuster is here to cover it. Jason, Adam, and Ben open the show (3:39) by discussing the recently announced MLS schedule and what it means for D.C. United, their big roadtrips, and their many appearances on national TV. We discuss the three United players called up to the USMNT and the fact that Jonathan Gonzalez has chosen to play for Mexico instead. We end the first segment by discussing United’s trade of the rights of Perry Kitchen and whether or not we would want to trade for Ola Kamara or Justin Meram, both of whom are rumored to want out of Columbus.

In the second segment (41:46) we welcome on our old friend Travis Clark of Top Drawer Soccer to talk about the MLS SuperDraft. We ask Travis whether or not this draft class is weak and who the best available players are that D.C. United could take at the third spot. We discuss the fact that the Generation adidas class is mostly international players and discuss the top picks in the draft and from the DMV. We also theorize about what would happen if D.C. United traded down, and talk about the possibility of Eryk Williamson going abroad and what that means for United. Give it a listen!

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