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Fantasy Focus: Deep Impact

MLS returns with a full slate, and four Montreal players lead the charge.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

To kick things off we have Bayern Neverlusen leading the way this week with 97 points. Captaining the ship was Montreal's Jack McInerney ($8.2) with 28 points while playing twice, scoring two goals, and should probably get bonus points for scoring what will probably be goal of the year against Houston. Backing him up were Montreal teammates Hassoun Camara ($7.1) and Heath Pearce ($6.6), each of whom scored 14 points with two clean sheets in two games. In It Toux Wynne It still leads overall.

Positional Leaders


Montreal's Troy Perkins ($5.4) scored 14 points on two clean sheets to join aforementioned McInerney, Camara and Pearce as overall leaders for the round. David Ousted (VAN, $5.8) played twice and scored 10 points with a clean sheet, and both Stefan Frei (SEA, $4.9) and Eric Kronberg (SKC, $4.9) scored 8 points with a clean sheet. DC's Bill Hamid ($5.1) scored 3 points.


Camara and Pearce led the way for defenders, while teammate Matteo Ferrari ($7.7) followed closely with 13 points on two clean sheets. Three United defenders -- Steve Birnbaum ($4.5), Bobby Boswell ($8.8), and Sean Franklin ($7.3) tied with 3 points, while Chris Korb ($5.8) earned 2, and Taylor Kemp ($4.7) earned 1.


Sebastien Le Toux (PHI, $8.0) scored twice for 13 points, leading his position. Dillon Powers (COL, $7.6) scored a goal and 10 points for 2nd, and the trio of Montreal's Patrice Bernier ($8.5) and LA's Marcelo Sarvas ($7.5) and Gyassi Zardes ($6.4) tied with 8 points - Sarvas with an assist, Zardes with a goal. For United, Perry Kitchen ($6.3) led with 3 points, while each of Chris Rolfe ($7.1), Nick DeLeon ($6.8), Jared Jeffrey ($6.8) and Luis Silva ($7.1) scored 2 points, and both Collin Martin ($5.3) and Lewis Neal ($5.3) earned 1.


McInerney led all forwards. Jermain Defoe (TOR, $11.2) scored a goal and 8 points, while four forwards tied with 7 - Erick Torres (CHV, $8.6), Vicente Sanchez (COL, $7.3), and NY duo Peguy Luyindula ($6.3) and Bradley Wright-Phillips ($8.1), each with a goal. Eddie Johnson ($9.4) was the only DCU forward to score, with 2 points.

Looking Ahead

Everyone plays this week, with Chicago, Toronto, and Chivas each playing twice. I actually like Dan Kennedy (CHV, $4.3) as goalkeeper, as he faces two of the four worst offenses in MLS, San Jose (15 goals) and Montreal (16 goals). Chivas (15 goals) and Houston (16 goals) are the others. In defense, if you want to double the risk while maybe doubling the reward, play Bobby Burling (CHV, $5.1), or try on Matt Miazga (NY, $4.4) at Houston. In midfield, I like Dillon Powers (COL, $7.6) and his 3 goals and 3 assists in 6 games. At forward, if you have money you need Jermain Defoe against Chicago and DCU, and if you don't, you need Harry Shipp (CHI, $6.8) against Toronto and Kansas City.

Everyone's Adding: G - Joe Bendik (TOR, $4.9, +158), D - Mark Bloom (TOR, $6.2, +149), M - Jeff Larentowicz (CHI, $7.2, +433), F - Erick Torres (CHV, $8.6, +586)

Everyone's Dropping: G - David Ousted (VAN, $5.8, -211), D - Christian Fernandez (DCU, $7.1, -179), M - Fabian Castillo (DAL, $6.9, -161), F - Jack McInerney (MTL, $8.2, -563)