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Fantasy Focus: Put it in your goaaaal! In your $%#!@$*& goaaaaal!

Akindele is coming classy as hell with hat tricks.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Despite having just 10 players in the starting lineup play, RayoVallecano led us all with 73 points this round. The fourth club in Madrid was led by Fabian Castillo's (DAL, $6.6) 2 goals, 1 assist, and 16 points. Robbie Keane (LA, $11.6) assisted on a goal and scored an armband-aided 14 points, while both Matt Hedges (DAL, $8.6) and Brad Davis (HOU, $10.4) scored 8 points - Hedges had a clean sheet, Davis had an assist. In It Toux Wynne It is still leading overall.

Positional Leaders


Vancouver's David Ousted ($4.9) led the keepers with a clean sheet and 9 points. Hot on his tail were both Dan Kennedy (CHV, $4.4) and Raul Fernandez (DAL, $5.2) who had clean sheets of their own and 8 points. Bill Hamid ($5.1) scored 5 points for DCU.


Liam Ridgewell (POR, $7.6) slalomed through the Revs defense to a goal and 11 points to lead his position. Just behind him was Giancarlo Gonzalez (CLB, $7.4), with a goal of his own and 10 points. Tony Lochhead (CHV, $5.9) and Jermaine Taylor (HOU, $7.0) each had a clean sheet and 9 points. For United, Taylor Kemp ($4.7) led the way with 7 points, followed by Sean Franklin ($7.2) with 4, Bobby Boswell ($8.8) with 3, and Steve Birnbaum ($4.9) with 2.


Fabian Castillo's 16 points led all midfielders. DCU's Luis Silva ($6.9) and RSL's Luke Mulholland ($6.0) tied for second with 12 points -- Silva with two goals, Mulholland with a goal and an assist. Behind Silva in D.C.'s midfield were Chris Rolfe ($7.1) with 8 points, Perry Kitchen ($6.4) with 6, Nick DeLeon ($6.8) with 4, Davy Arnaud ($6.3) with 2, and Lewis Neal ($5.3) and Alex Caskey ($5.7) each with 1 point.


Tesho Akindele (DAL, $5.0) scored a hat trick for 19 points and the overall lead. Keep truckin'. Dom Dwyer (SKC, $8.5) scored two goals for 14 points, while teammate Soony Saad ($6.2) notched a goal and an assist for 11 points. For DCU, Fabian Espindola ($8.3) scored 7 points, and David Estrada ($5.8) scored 5.

Looking Ahead

Everyone plays at least once, and three teams play twice -- LA, SJ, SEA. If you can get two-gamers, especially those from SEA and LA, do it. LA visits a Colorado team that may be without both Shane O'Neil and Drew Moor in defense, so attackers like Robbie Keane ($11.6) and Gyasi Zardes ($7.6) look good. I like Stefan Frei (SEA, $5.2) in goal vs. SJ and @ POR. In defense, I think NY are going to earn a clean sheet at home against Montreal, so go cheap on Chris Duvall ($4.5)

Everyone's Adding: G - Stefan Frei (+373), D - Chad Marshall (SEA, $8.7, +426), M - Gyasi Zardes (+418), F - Tesho Akindele (+359)

Everyone's Dropping: G - Zac MacMath (PHI, $5.0, -142), D - Drew Moor (COL, $8.1, -1001), M - Javier Morales (RSL, $11.1, -660), F - Harry Shipp (CHI, $6.6, -372)