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Muriel Bowser to speak before the D.C. United-Colorado Rapids match

Mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser will address D.C. United fan's before Sunday's game.

D.C. United announced today that Muriel Bowser, current member of the D.C. Council and likely to be the next Mayor, will speak just before United's Sunday night game against the Colorado Rapids. No one yet knows on what topic she will speak, but I cannot imagine it being about anything other than the proposed D.C. United stadium deal. She will be there as part of the National Kidney Foundation event with Clyde Simms, but I cannot imagine that she will completely ignore the stadium in an address to the fans there.

It is highly likely that she will be pandering to D.C. United fans; election day in her race against David Catania is only 2.5 months away. However, we will be able to glean things from what exactly she says (and over-analyze them we will when they come out). Obviously, if she came out and said that she will vote for the proposed package as-is when the Council comes back in September, that is as strong as a statement as she could make and something that fans could hold her accountable for before the election.

However, if her statement is more wishy-washy, like Adrian Fenty in 2006, then it is mostly to be ignored or to become worried about. Remember, this is what he said:

It is my hope that your fans will soon be coming to your brand new soccer stadium at Poplar Point in Anacostia. World class fans, and a world class team like D.C. United, deserve a world class stadium. And I am going to make it a priority to help you build that stadium.

What do you think is going to happen? Worried? Optimistic?