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Report: D.C. United and Everton have agreed to terms for Wayne Rooney transfer

The Times says the path is clear for England’s all-time top goalscorer to sign with MLS’s most trophy-laden club

The Times is reporting that D.C. United and Everton have reached a deal over the transfer of Wayne Rooney. According to the piece, the teams have agreed to terms, leaving the deal down to Rooney and United resolving terms of a contract. With the Washington Post’s Steve Goff reporting that United was “confident” of making that agreement soon, it’s starting to feel like the move is less “probable” and more “imminent.”

The Times report has multiple quotes from Everton sporting director Marcel Brands indicating that Everton is ready for life without England’s all-time leading goalscorer. However, Brands also mentions more than once that he has not spoken with Rooney directly about the move, which is probably going to hold things up regardless of how far along everyone is in terms of the wide range of deals involved to make this happen.

United has been widely reported to be considering a salary between $5-8 million per season for Rooney, 32. However, there have been rumors that this figure would be subsidized by Everton and possibly even Manchester United, who are said to be paying a portion of Rooney’s current wages with the Toffees.

A deal between D.C. and Everton has seemed for some time like the major sticking point in the move. However, if the reports are accurate and there is a deal between the clubs, we may be close enough to a move that United has to start considering roster implications. If they officially sign Rooney before the transfer window opens on July 10, United will have to make some kind of move to open an international roster spot. Earlier this year, the club sent Bruno Miranda on loan to the Richmond Kickers, but the need for that was alleviated when Frederic Brillant received his green card. Most likely, though, they’ll have to make a trade within MLS to acquire a spot from another team.