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Join the B&RU 2020 MLS Playoffs Bracket Challenge

So D.C. United aren’t involved. We can still gamble for internet bragging rights! The greatest prize!

Seattle Sounders Victory Parade Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Hey there, friends. It’s not March, but it’s time to fill out some brackets.

The MLS Cup Playoffs start this Friday, and—unfortunately—D.C. United won’t be a part of them after falling short in their improbable late-season run. But fear not, fellow Capitalinos! Your friends here at Black and Red United and the Filibuster Podcast have a league set up in’s bracket challenge.

Just click here to join the B&RU/Filibuster league!

It’s 2020, so the playoffs are sure to be chaotic. Which means you have at least as good a chance to win as anybody else, no matter how much or little attention you’ve been paying to the league this year.

And while we don’t have any monetary or physical prizes to hand out, the winner will be able to put in their commenter signature or Twitter profile or whatever that they are the reigning MLS Bracket Challenge B&RU/Filibuster Champion.

I think we can all agree that’s something more valuable than simple cash prizes. Or maybe we can’t. But still.

Come play with us! It’ll be fun!