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D.C. United vs. Sporting Kansas City GIFs

We look at animated internet files that animated us.

D.C. United started Thursday in Washington, started Friday in Chicago, and start Saturday in Kansas City after a hectic 30-plus hour travel snafu put them at the mercy of charters, wings and prayers. And late Friday night, a goal to seal a 1-0 win by a team who last won on the road in August? Well, let's just say it felt earned. So let's look at GIFs.

The first was Bobby Boswell leaving Dom Dwyer open on this headed opportunity. It looks like Hamid would have made the save, because of course he would:

Another moment of concern came when Brad Davis was left open for something that should have easily been a SKC goal. This sequence may have been KC's most fluid attack of the game, and it's rare to see Davis waste such a good left-footed shooting opportunity:

Hey, is that Taylor Kemp or Roberto Carlos? Kemp left Saad Abdul-Salaam for dead here before gliding past Lawrence Olum. Nick DeLeon then dropped his shoulder to go past Abdul-Salaam, but Ike Opara did just enough to end one of United's best forays forward.

DeLeon may (or may not) have been at the center of a penalty kick call, depending on this action from Opara. Even if Opara does get a touch here, it looks like he had to go through DeLeon to do so. Maybe putting your arms up in the standard "I didn't touch him!" pose actually works:

Obviously, the man of the hour, Alhaji Kamara scoring his goal. Take note of how he attacks the initial service from Kemp. That might be the difference between Melia claiming the ball and what actually happened:

The last one here I titled "Welcome Back Bill":