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Source close to D.C. United owner denies Ligue 1 ownership interest

While one of D.C. United's owners is about to help purchase one team, a report of past interest in another comes out.

A report by Gareth Vincent of the South Wales Evening Post says that D.C. United Managing General Partner Jason Levien flew to the United Kingdom last week in an attempt to finalize the purchase of Premier League side Swansea City. Levien is allegedly part of a group that includes Steve Kaplan, who Levien was familiar with while the two shared ownership in the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies (Kaplan remains co-executive Chairman of the team). Since news of the deal first broke last month, issues surrounding legal representation on the Swans' board and how the sale of the shares would be handled.

However, the item which caught our eye was a source close to the Levien-Kaplan consortium denying a report that at one point they were interested in Olympique Marseille. Since the news that Marguerite Louis-Dreyfus was put OM up for sale last month, a sports law specialist named Thierry Granturco, while not naming Levien or Kaplan specifically, claims that there was an American investor who was curious about a purchase of Marseille weeks before news of the being put up for sale was made public, and that when their requests for information were rebuffed by OM, they subsequently moved on to Swansea. It should be noted the source in Vincent's article not only denies the report, but also any familiarity with Granturco.

So to sum up, while there may or may not have been interest in Marseille, there is definitely interest in Swansea and that should be closed in quick order sometime this summer.