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D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls GIFs

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We look back at moments of intrigue. Or entertainment at least.

Moods were rightfully sour after D.C. United lost to New York City FC last week, and on a clear and rain-free night at RFK, beating their rivals in the New York Red Bulls 2-0 was a pleasant, even encouraging sign. So let's go looking at GIFs, shall we?

The first is a Red Bulls counter following a sequence where Luciano Acosta was dispossessed. Sean Franklin was too far up and Patrick Nyarko didn't react in time when Gonzalo Veron started his run, and it was almost fatal:

I honestly thought Jesse Marsch would have tightened this up but it didn't materialize. Rather than show the goal, note the buildup to it, and compare and contrast:

The Red Bulls had their chances, starting with this one where Bobby Boswell and/or Taylor Kemp looked a little between two minds:

Then you had this chance where Travis Worra stood on his head a little:

Finally, goal number two. Goodness gracious Alvaro Saborio, Lamar Neagle and Patrick Nyarko:

Before I turn the floor over, Luciano Acosta's magical first half footwork is in the ratings post, so go there for that particular pleasure.

Other than that, what else did you like?