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D.C. United 0-3 FC Dallas: Player Ratings

In which we sort things out from the rubble.

D.C. United was facing an FC Dallas team Saturday that was missing most of its defense yet still retained its offense. In an attempt to jumpstart the productivity of some starters there was some minor juggling, but the resulting 3-0 loss left a lot of salt to go with some sour.

And with that, some ratings for your brain!

Travis Worra - 4.5

Two saves on the night, could have done a bit better on goal one possibly, but was hung out to dry more often than not. Would presume that Charlie Horton gets a hard look in camp, but we'll see how it plays out today and tomorrow.

Taylor Kemp - 3.5

Led the team in interceptions, though not sure he was doing with Opare on the keystone cops that led to the first goal. Offensively, was booting a lot of balls up the field, unlike someone we'll talk about in a second, he connected on his long balls a bit better and had a couple of key passes, though one was off a corner.

Bobby Boswell - 2.5

Defensively was credited with a tackle and a foul in a shockingly quiet night statistically, only reinforced by his positioning on multiple occasions. Presumably won't sit this week because Steve Birnbaum will maybe have a day before getting on a plane to California to play the San Jose Earthquakes, but he needs to respond with some sort of positive performance or take a break.

Kofi Opare- 4.5

He and Kemp did that thing that led to the turnover/first Dallas goal, defensively did what he could on the numerous counters and odd man attacks. Tied for first in clearances (2!) and third in interceptions (4), won a couple aerials, had a shot, and at almost 83% pass accuracy, was third on the team. Toss the miscommunication out and he did OK.

Sean Franklin - 5

78.1% passing accuracy from the back, tied for second in tackles (3) and had a couple of interceptions. Developing a nice chemistry with Nyarko that should prove beneficial over the course of the year, health contingent.

Lamar Neagle - 5

Playing left midfield so Rolfe can be paired with Espindola, Neagle's only shot was on goal, won 3 aerials, had 72% pass accuracy. Defensively, tied for the lead in tackles (4) and had 3 interceptions to boot. Was fine, not spectacular.

Nick DeLeon - 5

Had a tackle and two clearances defensively, and hustled his ass off on the counter I GIF'd earlier. Had a shot, connected on 5 of 6 long balls, his 41 of 48 passing on the night (85.4%) led the team), and he is the most successful passer on the team (excluding Jared Jeffrey's 20 second half minutes). Going to keep throwing these numbers up here until I'm given a reason not to.

Marcelo Sarvas - 4.5

Was hoping that 'Celo wouldn't break last week, but as it turns out he broke himself, with that red card in the second half. When he was on the field, 84.3% accuracy, but with a key pass, and connected on 3 of 6 long balls. Defensively, second in tackles (3) and interceptions (5), and 9 recoveries on the night, got a yellow in the first half, plus yelled at Boswell which more folks should have done.

Patrick Nyarko - 5

His only shot was blocked, drew a stone cold PK that wasn't called (only to be strangely made up for later), connected on his only long ball and through ball and is taking guys on when given opportunities and space to. Defensively, his 4 tackles tied Neagle on the night and continues to do well on the right side, one of the nice-ish surprises thus far.

Fabian Espindola - 4.5

Had almost half (7) of the team's 15 shots, had the only other shot on target (3 of his shots were blocked), had an absolute dog of a PK attempt that Chris Seitz saved. Had 3 key passes, won 3 aerials, also only connected on 62% of his passes. Needs to start working well with others, and if he had, he'd probably have been on the scoreboard in some fashion Saturday.

Chris Rolfe - 5

Connected on his only through ball on the night, also only had 20 passes. Connected on 13, two of them were key passes, had a couple of shots, and apparently has a mustache now? Can hopefully be back in the middle of the field next week.

Jared Jeffrey (Sub) - 6.5

Came on for Rolfe in the 70th after the Sarvas ejection and played well, connecting on 15 of 17 passes, including a key pass and a through ball, two of three long balls, and a shot. Defensively, three tackles, three interceptions and two clearances, which put him second in one category and tied for first in another. Made the most of his time on the field and will presumably go Saturday.

Miguel Aguilar (Sub) - 4.5

Came on for Nyarko in the 74th, connected on four of eight passing, and not much else.

Luciano Acosta (Sub) - 5.5

The surprise of the night, as Lucho didn't start due to a coach's decision and was the last sub of the night, coming on for Neagle in the 81st. 8 of 10 passing, including a long ball. Had a tackle and an interception, and 5 of 6 passing in the attacking third. Now, to see what he was held out.

Man of the Match

Jeffrey, which in 20 minutes kind of says something about the performance overall on the night.