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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Dolo 2016

Just gonna casually slip USMNT coach onto the ballot this election year.

Dare I even mention that there is a USMNT game tonight? I assume that all of you, like me, have chosen to black out the last one from memory. Much like the Dallas game. I love soccer!

Well, there is a USMNT game tonight, and I have related links for you here. Feel free to click or rage scroll past.

US national team "not playing anyone out of position," says Klinsmann |

Ticket sales for USA vs. Guatemala are bad ahead of World Cup Qualifier - Stars and Stripes FC

Jurgen Klinsmann should be fired if USMNT loses to Guatemala again | FC Yahoo - Yahoo Sports
please and thank you

Expecting unexpected, USA braces for must-win qualifier vs. Guatemala |
Ok this isn't all just gif reactions. I have words, and the words are that I feel like the USMNT will end up winning this stupid game, and everything will remain the same, and we will go through this painful cycle endlessly until the world implodes and Jurgen Klinsmann coaches this team from hell.

Seven managers who could replace Jurgen Klinsmann - Stars and Stripes FC
Dolo 2016.

Last USMNT thing. Here's Jimmy Conrad.

USWNT Jersey Fail: Let Us Count The Ways ...
hi it's me again here to talk about this

Salvation in soccer: Dream-seeking Somali refugees reunited in U.S. |
This story, it gave me a lot of feels.

Johan Cruyff: The American Years | The Washington Post
Just in case you needed more feels.

Ever the Diplomat: Johan Cruyff's time in D.C. | FourFourTwo
And more feels! Cruyff :(

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