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RIP Cruyff: D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 25 March 2016

A legend just left us for the big match in the sky.

Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

It's Good Friday Freedom Kicks, and I'm going to be sparse with the linky dinks because I'm coming to you live from a hotel with the world's worst wifi connection. If this thing cuts off one more time, I'm gonna moydah the router.

Soccer: Persistent Infringement: Pareja's soccer mind, FC Dallas kids are alright and Et tu, again, Nike? | SportsDay: We start off with news and views from this weekend's hyped, young opponents from the Lone Star state.

United Prepare For NASL Season and Look Ahead to MLS Future | KSTP: We head north to the land of ten thousand billion trillion lakes to learn that good ole Danny Cruz, last seen being headbutted by Dwayne De Rosario, has joined Minnesota United.

David Beckham acquires private land for future MLS team in Miami - Fansided: Let's jet south to the Sunshine State to check on the latest real estate drama that is David Beckham's quest for a stadium.

Johan Cruyff dies aged 68 after losing battle with cancer | Daily Mail Online: Across the Atlantic, the legend of legends Johan Cruyff has expended his mortal coil. RIP.

Foreign Players We Want to See in MLS - Fansided: Now as we head back to America, we're filling the plane with the stars we pine for (all except David Luiz - maybe it was all the pointing to God in thanks after every victory and then the desolation after that humiliation by Germany - why hast thou forsaken me?).

Commentariat, my luck is running out with this wifi, so onward!