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D.C. United 1-1 Colorado Rapids: The GIFs

Some minor moments of marvel.

So people liked all the shots in the first D.C. United game against the LA Galaxy, then when they didn't shoot as much last week against the New England Revolution, the cries of a return to Bennyball could be heard far and wide. They scored one more goal than last week, and shot more than twice as much in their 1-1 draw with the Colorado Rapids, so goodness knows what the narrative will be like this week.

But in the meantime, we have the GIFs, like internet tears in the rain, starting with this first DC chance in the first half. I think Nick DeLeon was trying to get it to Lamar Neagle to hold it up and find Luciano Acosta on the outside, but I'm speculating:

Next, up, another first half chance, one where Chris Rolfe gets his man turned and drawn too far up, and Neagle almost gets his second goal on the year:

Moving onto the second half, and Travis Worra coming out early and quick to thwart a scoring chance:

Next up, Steve Birnbaum skies what should have been the first goal of the game, and Zac Macmath starts to subtly crack:

Then the Rapids' goal, and Rolfe and DeLeon don't seem to talk (Rolfe seemed to own up to it after the game to us):

Wrapping things up with the Fabian Espindola goal, and the full Macmathy. Also, a stray thought on whether Davy Arnaud or Perry Kitchen make that switch to Taylor Kemp: