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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Get in, loser, we're going shopping

For aging goalkeepers and v-neck jerseys, that is.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Sup folks. Get your soccer on, why don't you:

How much are the Colorado Rapids paying Tim Howard and is it worth it? | FOX Sports
Worth it? Nope. Article points out that Bill Hamid is the next highest-paid MLS goalkeeper (long way down to second place there). At this point in their careers, would you rather have Howard over Hamid? Because I wouldn't. (Obviously that wasn't the choice the Rapids were making, but nonetheless.)

Tim Howard signing latest step in Colorado Rapids' revolution -
All right, good luck with all that, Rapids.

Howard: Rapids put me back in USMNT contention - ESPN FC
Not to make this the Tim Howard show here, but Taylor Twellman spoke with Howard at RFK on Sunday.

Unprecedented five-day stretch offers chance at redemption for USMNT - Stars and Stripes FC
Guys, 2015 kind of sucked for the USMNT. Can 2016 please be better?

ASN article: Alejandro Bedoya to ASN: "I Am Feeling in the Zone"
A good little interview with Bedoya.

Nike Soccer thinks women's jerseys need to show more skin - Stars and Stripes FC
Okay, there is a lot to unpack here. I have opinions, people, and here are my opinions.

Straight up, I just have always found it kind of silly that these low-cut women's cut jerseys exist, but I have found it silly because it's not something that I would ever buy. Because it's like, yeah, v-necks looks great on me! But I'm just not thinking about that when buying jerseys. That's just me, though. Some women may want to rock that v-neck, so they should go on ahead and do that. Here's the thing: there should be a women's cut shirt that comes without that neckline, so that women (or anybody, because you do you), if they want to, can buy a shirt that might fit them better but still look like the shirt their team wears.

The point is that there should be options. "Women's cut" should not automatically—and only—mean "shorter sleeves and a deeper neckline." It can mean that, but it should also mean "looks the same as the men's but is cut a little differently."

Oh, and another thing. If somebody wants to buy a men's cut USWNT jersey (get dem stars), they absolutely should be able to. Essentially, all mixing and matching of cuts and USMNT/USWNT should be available. And then throw in some deeper necklines for extra variety if you want. Options! Was that so hard?

Phew. Okay. Back to you in the comments, Bob.