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D.C. United Season Review: Jared Jeffrey

The little-used midfielder goes under the microscope.

When Markus Halsti was signed by D.C. United, adding another veteran presence in the midfield would come at a cost to someone, and that cost fell to Jared Jeffrey. After playing in 10 regular season games in each of the 2013 and 2014 seasons, Jeffrey appeared in two games in 2015, with one appearance as an 89th minute sub in April, and a May road start against the Portland Timbers where he played 60 minutes. The more notable part of his regular season may arguably be that he collided with an Academy player during an October training session and suffered a small facial fracture.

While Halsti, Davy Arnaud and Perry Kitchen spent the bulk of the regular season minutes in midfield, Jeffrey's playing time was spread in spot duty with the Richmond Kickers, where he went pointless in six games, but also during the U.S. Open Cup and CONCACAF Champions League, where he did a bit better. He assisted on two goals during Open Cup play, and played all four Group games of the 2015-16 CCL campaign, scoring a goal and a assist in the last two games of the Group against Arabe Unido and Montego Bay United.

Jeffrey turns 26 next June and at a September 2015 guaranteed salary number of $74,450 would seem to be a low-risk option who was at the bottom of the log jam in midfield. With decisions on Arnaud (still recovering from an August concussion) Kitchen (who is reportedly courting offers from Europe), and Halsti (who would likely be cast off if Kitchen were to re-sign with DC) to come, this would presumably mean that Jeffrey would move up the D.C. depth chart in some manner or fashion. So with this in mind, let's goat the fox question you all want to answer...