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D.C. United Season Review: Sean Franklin

Our next review is about United's veteran right back.

There were a couple of blips on the radar for D.C. United fans regarding Sean Franklin, perhaps first and foremost his durability. In 2015, he played less than 25 games in an MLS season for the first time since surgery to repair a torn hamstring shelved him for most of 2009 when he was a member of the LA Galaxy.

The right back, who turned 30 this year and is listed as having a base salary of $202,500 (guaranteed salary of $234,166,670, scored a goal in 24 appearances - 23 starts - had an ankle injury (possibly related to Achilles tendonitis) which forced him to miss most of June and all of July, and a rolled ankle forced him to miss the team's last game of the season, where the New York Red Bulls eliminated the Black and Red for the second straight year in the playoffs.

Offensively, Franklin saw a passing accuracy number that was fourth best on the team, and second best among defenders. His key passes per game (0.9) was third best among field players and second best among defenders. And despite a team that's known for having Taylor Kemp and his long balls/crosses on one side, Franklin produced more long balls per game to Kemp (4.7 to 3.9) and almost as many crosses (1.4 to 1.1). In terms of defensive numbers, Franklin's 1.8 tackles per game were tied with Kemp for second behind Davy Arnaud, and his clearances surpassed Kemp's (fourth, behind United's top three center backs), while finishing fifth in interceptions on a per 90 minutes played basis.

Franklin was "fortunate" enough to get hurt for a prolonged period at a time when D.C. had capable reserves (in Chris Korb) around to play on the right side while Kemp was on the left, but as Korb gets healthier, it should be noted that he's only two and a half years younger than Franklin. As such, should a move be decided upon to replace Franklin, the longer term move could be to look at either homegrown signing Jalen Robinson or undrafted rookie Luke Mishu in the right back position.

With that in mind, and as you answer the question below, if you DID want Sean Franklin to return, what type of numbers (games played/started, goals/assists) should you expect from him for the money he would be owed?