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Clyde Simms Update: "...I finally feel like me again."

An update on the midfielder from the midfielder.

Last week we learned that former D.C. United and New England Revolution midfielder Clyde Simms received a second kidney transplant, this time from longtime friend Katri Hunter. Now we're hearing from Simms post-surgery via Instagram:

My first #WCW goes to this one. Name: Katri Hunter Height: 5'4" Sign: Scorpio Hobbies: horseback riding In all seriousness, Katri has been a huge part of my life since the day we met. A week ago today, she took it upon herself to give me a new life, a fresh start. She gave me one of her kidneys so that I could have a new bill of health! I was on dialysis, skinny as a rail, high blood pressure, feeling lousy most of my days, diet restricted, fluid restricted, you name it. NOW I am off of dialysis, already gained 15 pounds, looking and feeling younger by the day, can eat and drink whatever I want, my mind is clear, but most importantly, I finally feel like me again. I haven't felt this way in about 5 or 6 years. I owe it all to her. I could never repay you Katri. You mean the world to me #kidneys #beadonorsavealife #calvinissmiling #thankful #blessed

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Fantastic news. Continued speedy recovery and healthy futures for Clyde and Katri.