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Bryan Namoff's suit against D.C. United will not go to trial

D.C. United will not be going through a jury trial this February.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Bryan Namoff's suit against D.C. United, Tom Soehn, and others will not go trial, as Steve Goff reported today. The trial was set to begin on February 23, but the pre-trial conference scheduled for this week has been cancelled and the status of the case has been set to closed.

Namoff's suit was one of the first soccer-related concussion lawsuits to be filed in the United States, with a number more having been filed in the years since. He accused United and the team's doctor of negligence after a concussion he suffered in a match against the Kansas City Wizards in 2009; after playing one subsequent game, the concussion ended his career.

From all accounts, it looks like the sides were able to come to an out of court settlement, which is likely beneficial to everything. D.C. United (and MLS) have a vested interest in not going to trial, and Namoff gets compensation for his continued inability to work. We continue to wish him the best and hope that he someday recovers fully.