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D.C. United season review: Miguel Aguilar

We kick off our season review with D.C. United's rookie.

Now that we have had a week to decompress from the season, it is time to start taking a look back at the year that was 2015 for D.C. United. As we have done the past two years, we go through ever player who ended the season on D.C. United's roster and ask whether or not we want them to come back. This series has existed under multiple names (Cake or Death and River or Life are two previous names), but our sweet judgment remains the same.

The first player under the microscope is D.C. United's first round pick in the draft, Miguel Aguilar. He started off the preseason by wowing us with a beautiful goal. He ended up playing in 17 games, with 4 starts, but disappeared for most of September and October before reappearing in the playoffs. His play in the CONCACAF Champions League earned him a nomination for goal of the year, and he was solid throughout that tournament.

All of that combined with his salary of $60,000 makes this a pretty easy decision for me, but I do want to see him take a step forward next year. I think passing Conor Doyle in the wing substitute depth chart is a minimum, and I would love to see more than that. Give me all of your thoughts on Miguel Aguilar in the comments, but for the poll answer me this one question: Do you want him back next year?