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Help us predict the MLS Eastern Conference standings - vote in our ranking poll!

We found a new crowdsourced ranking tool online, and we're giving it a try by asking you to predict the 2013 MLS Eastern Conference Standings at the end of the season. Come vote, and remember - it's for science!

Ed Zurga

I honestly have no idea if this will work, but let's give it a try. Crowdsourcing is all the rage nowadays, and I figured we here at B&RU could hop on the ol' bandwagon. The wisdom of crowds is said to trump any individual's best guess, right? And what better way to test the theory than to try out this crowdsourced ranking tool I found than by asking you, our brilliant readers, how the East will shake out this year.

So here's what we're asking you to do. Click around in the embedded ranking just below this paragraph and vote on how you think the Eastern Conference standings will look come the end of the day on October 27, 2013. Next week, as part of the B&RU First Kick 2013 Countdown series, I'll feature the final result. (Just for the record, I defaulted the list to last year's final standings.)

UPDATE: I found the right code to display the real-time aggregate ranking after a very nice email from the crowdranking technical support staff.

We'll also be sure check back in later in the season to see how we did as a community in predicting the outcome of this year's Eastern Conference crop. But, since we've got a whole comments section at our disposal, we may as well use it. Let us know how you voted, and if you get it right, I promise we'll let you gloat about it after the season's over.

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