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D.C. United vs. Waterhouse FC: CONCACAF Champions League second leg predictions

D.C. United takes their first trip abroad in Concacaf Champions League since 2009 to face Waterhouse FC in Jamaica.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United takes to the field at The Office tomorrow night, facing Waterhouse FC at the home stadium of the Jamaica national team. Waterhouse has now beaten Tauro FC twice, and so a win for United would would leave them needing only a draw in either of the two games against Tauro to move onto the next round. It looks like Ben Olsen will start plenty of regulars, but Waterhouse will throw everything they can into this game.

Here is what the B&RU staff think will happen, but what do you think?


It looks like United is sending a stronger team than was used against Waterhouse the first time around, which is crucial. A win for Waterhouse would leave United with no room for error at home or away against Tauro. I don't necessarily expect United to hit any real heights in this game, but I remain confident that the Black-and-Red will win this group with an unblemished record. 2-1, goals from David Estrada and Chris Pontius because why not.


These are the games you need to have but these are also the trickiest games to predict: a road game in CCL play. In the end, I think with almost a week to prepare for this game, United is focused. 2-0 victory with goals by Opare and Silva, with CP13 notching his first assist of the season.

Adam Taylor

Whether or not Fabi's unjust red card suspension is overturned, I expect him to play in Kingston on Tuesday, and I expect him to be at his angry best. Look for United to win 3-0 on a Fabian Espindola brace and a classic long blast from Jared Jeffrey.
With Fabi in the lineup, I predict a 2-0 win (1 goal, 1 assist by Fabi).  Without Fabi, I predict a 0-0 draw because, otherwise, we don't have our Magic Headband or our EJ Fear Factor with us in Kingston.  And the Magic Headband fits only over one head of floppy hair. In any event, I expect more time from CP13 -- so this game will help Pontius find his place on this revamped DCU team in the actual field of play.
Ben Bromley
I think that Ben Olsen knows the importance of this game, and so will put many of his regulars into it. A win and this gets a lot easier. I think that United will win 2-1, with Perry Kitchen and David Estrada scoring the goals and getting United that much closer.
It is unanimous! We all think that D.C. United will win tomorrow night's game. But that just leaves one question: what do you think will happen?