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Flashback Friday: With D.C. United traveling to Red Bull Arena this weekend, there can only be one #FBF

#FBF. #The700 & #The300. #NDL. #TCHUB. #DCU. #WeWantFive.

This week, I deliberately skipped Throwback Thursday and waited for Flashback Friday so I could wait and see who D.C. United will be playing this Sunday in the MLS Eastern Conference Semifinals. It was always going to be the New York Red Bulls (even when Sporting Kansas City led by a goal with 15 minutes left to play), and this post was always going to feature the 2012 Eastern semifinal second leg.

At this point, the video above shouldn't require any introduction, but just in case: Superstorm Sandy forced United to give up home field advantage in the second leg because the Red Bulls were not ready to host the first leg. The teams tied 1-1 at RFK, trading own-goals because this is DCU-Metros in the playoffs and weird things just happen. Then, the day of the now-second-leg, a nor'easter raked the east coast, dumping snow on New Jersey in particular, and Red Bulls coach Hans Backe (who you may remember as Drunk Uncle; I know I do) didn't want his team to play. After a couple hours of half-assed attempts to clear the field, the league postponed the game, setting up what you can watch here, which I will summarize with some names: Bill Hamid, Thierry Henry, Bill Hamid, Dax McCarty, Bill Hamid, Kenny Cooper, Mark Geiger, Joe Willis, Rafa Marquez, Chris Pontius, Nick DeLeon. Nick DeLeon!!

Do enjoy. Over and over, if you like.