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Luis Silva nominated for MLS Goal of the Year

D.C. United forward Luis Silva has been nominated for MLS Goal of the Year.

The first slate of nominees for MLS year-end awards came out today, with the nominees for Goal of the Year and Save of the Year dropping on While Bill Hamid is farcically not up for Save of the Year, D.C. United's Luis Silva is up for Goal of the Year for his set piece wonderstrike against the Chicago Fire. Silva's shot tied the game at 2-2 in a game that ended 3-3, because everyone had to draw against the Chicago Fire this season.

Here were some of your comments on the goal in the moment:


That is De Ro/Gomito/Etcheverry quality!




Woot! Beautiful goal by Silva!

What do you think of the goal now, and how do you think it will do against the rest of the nominees in its group? The most important thing, however, is to put aside logic, reason, and fairness and to GO VOTE for Silva's goal in bunches, right now.